how much is a taxi ride from orlando airport to disney world

Transportation options from Orlando Airport to Disney World

When it comes to traveling from Orlando International Airport to the magical realm of Disney World, one of the most convenient and reliable transportation options is a taxi service. In this guide, we examine the cost of a taxi ride from Orlando Airport to Disneyland and highlight the exceptional service provided by OTaxi, a leading transportation company in the region.

To travel from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Disney World, there are two main transportation options: take a taxi or book a special shuttle. Both offer easy and reliable options, but there are differences to consider. Let’s explore how to get to Disney World from MCO airport by taxi or private shuttle.



Taxis are a popular choice for travelers looking for a direct and efficient ride from the airport to their destination. Here’s how to get from MCO Airport to Disney World by taxi:

A- After arriving at the airport, go to the designated taxi stands. These are usually located outside the terminals and you can follow the signs to find them easily.

Join the taxi queue and wait for your turn. Taxis are readily available in MCO and there is usually a steady flow of vehicles.

When it’s your turn, tell the taxi driver your destination. In that case, let them know you want to go to Disney World.

The taxi driver will then take you directly to Disney World. The trip usually takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and your specific destination at Disney World.

e. Pay the fare upon arrival, which can vary based on factors such as distance, traffic and taxi company. Remember to factor in additional costs such as tolls and gratuities

Private round trip service:

If you prefer a more exclusive and private transportation experience, booking a private shuttle can be a great option. Private shuttles offer dedicated rides for you and your group, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. Here’s how to get from MCO Airport to Disney World using a private shuttle:

a. Before you arrive, research and book a private shuttle service that operates in the Orlando area. There are several reputable companies that offer different car options to suit your needs.

b When making a reservation, provide your flight details and other required information to the shuttle service. This will help them track your arrival and ensure timely delivery.

c After landing at MCO airport, go to the designated pick-up location for private shuttles. The exact location depends on the instructions provided by the shuttle service.

Be aware of your designated shuttle that will be arranged based on your reservation. Private shuttles usually have a designated driver to help you carry your luggage and ensure a comfortable ride.

e. Enjoy a direct, personal transfer from MCO Airport to Disney World. Travel times vary based on traffic conditions and your specific destination at Disney World.

f. At the end of the trip, settle the agreed fare with the shuttle driver. The price of the private shuttle may vary depending on the distance, the type of vehicle and the shuttle company you choose.

Both taxis and private shuttle services offer convenient transportation options from MCO Airport to Disney World. Choose the option that suits your preferences, budget and group size to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable trip to the magical world of Disney.

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Average cost of a taxi from Orlando Airport to Disneyland

Traveling from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Disneyland is a common route for visitors looking for a fun adventure. The approximate distance between the two destinations is around 20 miles and taxi services provide a hassle-free way to reach the destination. The cost of a taxi ride can vary depending on factors such as traffic conditions, time of day, and the specific taxi company you choose.
When it comes to affordability, OTaxi stands out as a reliable and affordable option. The average cost of a taxi ride from Orlando Airport to Disneyland with OTaxi is $3 per mile.

Unveiling the exceptional services of OTaxi

Professional and polite drivers:

One of the key factors that sets OTaxi apart from other transportation providers is their team of professional and courteous drivers. OTaxi employs experienced drivers who are skilled enough to provide excellent customer service. They prioritize passenger safety, strive to provide a comfortable ride, and are knowledgeable about the best routes to Disney World, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Convenient booking options:

OTaxi understands the importance of convenience in today’s fast-paced world. To meet the different needs of travelers, they offer several booking options. Passengers can book a taxi by calling their 24-hour customer support center. This flexibility allows passengers to arrange their transportation according to their preferences and schedules.

Fleet Options:

OTaxi prides itself on having a modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles. They offer a variety of options to accommodate different group sizes and travel preferences. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or in a larger group, OTaxi ensures that you will find the right vehicle to meet your needs. Their fleet includes comfortable sedans, spacious SUVs and even luxury vans that provide a personalized experience for every passenger.

Punctuality and reliability:

When you go to Disney World, time is of the essence. OTaxi understands this and places great emphasis on punctuality and reliability. Their drivers strive to arrive quickly and take efficient routes to ensure you reach your destination on time. With OTaxi, you can be sure that your transportation needs will be met with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


When traveling from Orlando International Airport to Disneyland, taking a taxi is a convenient and popular choice for many visitors. With affordable fares, exceptional service, professional drivers and a diverse fleet of vehicles, OTaxi is a reliable transportation option that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family, or a large group, OTaxi will meet your needs and ensure your trip to the magical world of Disney starts off with a bang. Book your taxi with OTaxi and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Orlando!


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